John Holdun


In the world

Since 2016, I’ve been designing and building themed attractions: three walkthroughs in New York City, two Halloween home haunts in Los Angeles, and counting! I collect these in a project I call Variable Stage with more to come, always.

For a few months starting in October 2018, I published a weekly vlog about designing themed attractions on Drip, Kickstarter’s short-lived patron platform. That archive remains if you’re interested in it.

On the blog

Most of my blogging efforts revolve around my thinking and production of themed entertainment, but here are some highlights.

AABA Dark Rides

Themed Attraction Longevity

Les Triplettes de Belleville: An Unauthorized Dark Ride

Rolling Walkthrough Flow Control

Notes on the Orlando Theme Parks

On Gags

On the web

Interactive experiments in hypertext

The cobblestones were smooth when we created them.

I am walking toward you.

If this is a tilde I’m going home.

Your New Job

Where’s the Milk?

Waiting for a Train

Attention to Retail

Lanvin, after Prince

Damn You Batman!

Hunger Names