John Holdun

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from leather to nylon today so now it is warm

My Watch Band

You can chart the weather by my watch band.

Lots of brunch food spread out on a table with decorations and a sign that reads "Mother's Day 2022"

A dog looking cautiously at the camera from beneath a table, a bag of treats sitting temptingly in the middle ground

Nala doesn’t trust me yet

Two people dressed as Batman and The Joker in a crosswalk with In-n-Out

Hollywood & Highland

A marquee reading "Netflix Is A Joke / The Festival Presents / John Mulaney / Tonight 7:30PM"

Hollywood Bowl

A big dog in a convertible, as seen from a neighboring car

A bounce house and party tent set up outside a house, as seen from inside a passing car

A dog staring out a window while seated on top of an armchair's back cushion, his face visible in the reflection

A marquee that reads "Netflix Is A Joke / Presents / Nick Kroll"

Ace Hotel DTLA Theater

The Pacific Ocean as seen from a passing car

My first time seeing the Pacific since I moved!

Pacific Coast Highway

An animatronic dachsund on a kitchen counter, positioned so its butt is getting scratched by a stand mixer

The Secret Life of Pets - Universal Studios Hollywood

A construction wall reading "Super Nintendo World / Universal Studios Hollywood / Opening 2023," with unfinished green cartoon hills and scaffolding rising behind them

Universal Studios Hollywood - Lower Lot

A selfie taken from the waist down of very wet pants

Got wet in Jurassic World

Jurassic World - Universal Studios Hollywood

An overhead view of the lower lot at Universal Studios Hollywood, the unfinished Super Nintendo World visible in the distance

Universal Studios Hollywood

Nintendo merchandise in a gift shop

Universal Studios Hollywood

A dog lounging in the sun in the distance

A crude bench made from rough construction lumber, sitting under a pavilion with mismatched furniture

I built this bench! It needs work but it sits nicely

Me and Amy sitting together on a park bench in front of a scenic view

Descanso Gardens

Trees, grass, and mountains

Descanso Gardens