John Holdun

Software engineer, musician, immersive designer in Brooklyn, New York. More about me ›

A photo of a mountain by the beach superimposed on a photo of a brick wall and some music equipment, all with a bluish exposure

Stream or download my first release, Walkers EP, right now for free! More music ›


A software thing I’m proud of writing: Trimmings, an HTML-first Javascript library for progressive enhancement. More software ›

A cartoon cat, rendered in a layered plywood diorama and mounted on an art gallery wall

Bobby’s Birthday was an art installation I imagined and created in 2019, inspired by classic theme park dark rides. Discover more of my interactive experiences, online and off ›

There’s more to discover in my blog and in my microblog. Maybe you’re also interested in my résumé, or when I change my watch band, or what I think of every episode of USA TV series Burn Notice.