John Holdun

I migrated a couple apps from Heroku to Fly because they made it really easy, but the migration was not sufficient to be able to deploy changes to those apps, and I SIMPLY refuse to learn enough about Docker to make this work, so those apps will never be updated again

The closer I get to successfully producing and consuming ActivityPub streams from my blog, the less I care about it! Maybe I don’t need my silly little thoughts to be interactive!

Hey I just stood up Mastodon (or more specifically Hometown) locally and it wasn’t so hard! What a relief. Now I can actually test whether my personal site can interact with Mastodon.

Todayborday is Labor Day.

The wall of a café featuring a pretty flyer that reads "SMALL TOWN NO HOSPITAL"

Do Your Thing

A plate of fajitas to share, eating already well in progress

Fajitas 🤤

Marfa Spirit Co

A distant blimp in the desert, tethered to the ground

Is this one of the 25 blimps? Apparently it stays tethered to a circular track (!). It’s also operated by border patrol so fuck this blimp

The desert, and an old weathered fence in the foreground. The fence is covered in padlocks and a sticker that reads "Mission Synths"

Behind Prada Marfa. I’m not familiar with Mission Synths but shout out to them

Prada Marfa

A small Prada-branded boutique in the middle of the desert

Prada Marfa

Screens displaying the menu behind the counter at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, littered with ruthlessly resized stock photos of the offerings

Not one of the photos on these screens appears to be in its original aspect ratio

LAX - Terminal 5

A bucolic Los Angeles street with puffy clouds and mountains in the background

Atwater Village

A quirky flyer for Italian language lessons. "I'm-ah Italian. I-ah teach-ah you."

Atwater Village

A neon sign above the Bubba Gump entrance that recites the quote from Forrest Gump enumerating all the ways to prepare shrimp

These ways of cooking shrimp were a pub trivia question this week. I regret not taking this photo sooner.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at Universal CityWalk

A baseball cap that reads "I'll Be Right Here," with imagery depicting E.T. and Elliott

Amy has an incredible E.T. impression

Universal Studios Hollywood

A selfie showing the size of a faux-wood Tiki mug. It's almost the size of my head.

I’m sorry to say that my most frequented tiki bar in LA is the Jurassic Park one. This mug was very large.

Isla Nu-Bar

Two raccoons on the roof at night!

A simple wooden table with coffee accessories atop it

I built this island! It still needs a bottom shelf.

A flyer warning not to hire a contractor who redid the creator's driveway with "bloodcrete," which is concrete with blood in it. Do not hire him!

Another Alan Wagner joint I think?

Atwater Village

A mural from across the street. Bold white illustrations on a black brick wall.

Hugo's Tacos

The way EMMA Cooperative works, as explained in this recent blog post, is so inspiring to me. I hope they last a very long time!