John Holdun



Me, stepping toward the camera and smirking, in a rose garden

Descanso Gardens

Horse trailers and stables, as seen through a barb wire fence

Neighborhood horses

Atwater Equestrian District

An electronic musician tweaking a synth under multicolored lights in front of a crowd

Yoshi Sherma

Permanent Records Roadhouse

Travis the dog, sunbathing in a patch of dirt

An unfortunate place to sit

Travis the dog lounging in the far distance

Travis has found an unfortunate place to sit

Travis the dog looking at the camera from behind a window. The photographer is sitting in a car, Travis seems to feel betrayed

oh no

A book hanging by a chain from a counter. Its title is "Douglas, You Need Glasses!"


The façade of a store called "KPOP STATION," filled with K-pop memorabilia

The Galleria

Bob Gurr posing in front of a sign that reads "Grand Marshal Bob Gurr"

Bob Baker Day

A selfie focused on the wall over my shoulder, where various prints and paintings are framed and mounted

Finally getting art on the walls

A couple times a day I water the vegetable beds and spray vinegar on the weeds. Making sure the good plants are wet and the bad plants are dry. Feels like there’s a metaphor here but I’m not going to look for it!

Travis the dog standing in front of the garage door, enjoying the sun

A poster on a bulletin board that reads "Have you seen me? Busy Bee Missing - Please call Katie if found." Missing is crossed out and replaced with "Found," which is also crossed out and replaced with "Missing (again)"

The Secret Life of Pets - Universal Studios Hollywood

A movie set decorated to look like a plane crash, strewn with rubbish and the ripped-apart fuselage of a passenger jet

The plane crash set from War of the Worlds is very spooky

Universal Studios Hollywoo

A backlot set

Look it’s The Good Place from The Good Place!

Universal Studios Hollywood

The living room of our house facing into the dining room. Arm chair, lamp, sofa, piano, dining table.

Giant aloe (?) plants in front of our house

I like the giant plants in front of our house

The front of a modest Spanish-style house with an unruly front yard

Our house, pre-landscaping

An upright piano set in a sparsely-decorated room

We got a piano!

An overgrown yard in front of a house

Lots to do out here. All the green stuff is weeds 🥴