John Holdun



A jar of caviar, held in my hand in a grocery store

McCall's Meat and Fish Company

Framed prints and photographs arranged on the dining table in the way they'll be mounted on the wall

Figuring out how to arrange these on the wall

Two cocktails on a restaurant table: one with a hibiscus flower, and one with a burning herb

This was a great meal with great drinks


Writing More Software

Here’s how I think about the process of making a change to a piece of software.

Bougainvillea creeping up a fence along the walkway of the LA River

LA River

A reflective circle with smaller circles cut out of it, suspended in the air along the railing of a bridge over the LA River

Vivian Flynn, “Stop the Clock

Red Car Bridge

A dilapidated scooter and some other very well-worn bits of junk sitting in a pile on the walkway of the LA River

LA River

A distant view of an art installation on the Red Car Bridge, as well as a musician setting up equipment on the bank of the LA River

Red Car Bridge

Two piles of t-shirts for sale, one printed with "Bagel" and the other printed with "Slice." Above them is a sign that reads "T-Shirt battle: do you? or do you?"

Bagel + Slice

A marionette of a skunk in a fine suit, performing for children in a small theater

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

A closed red curtain in a small but finely-decorated theater. An organist plays in the background.

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Signs posted on a telephone pole: "We buy houses" "We buy souls!" "We buy houses" "Free garage conversion" "Denied credit? Let me help!"

A glass of wine and a steak salad sitting on an outdoor table near dusk

Not pictured: the live band playing a few houses down. (Also not pictured, Amy’s meal beside mine in slightly worse light)

Travis the dog peeking out from behind a pile of pillows that is nearly taller than he is

Hey Trav

A pair of chaise lounges in the backyard

Gonna sit in these things all Summer

Travis the dog peeking out of a closet, where he is hiding in the dark

Somebody is very afraid of flies because he thinks they are bees :(

Chickens wandering around a yard

Back in LA, neighborhood chickens came to say hello

A flyer in a coffee shop advertising "The Stars Hollow latte," complete with a tiny photo from Gilmore Girls

Didn’t get one but FYI

Super Domestic Coffee

Two duckpin bowling lanes in the corner of an ornate room

Fishbowl at Dream Midtown

A negative COVID test

I took a lot of these this week and luckily they all looked like this

Ace Hotel New York