John Holdun



A selfie with Amy, we're outside in big coats and looking chilly but very happy

We’re in New York!

Rule of Thirds

Two animatronic dogs sitting in front of a stereo, one headbanging to the music

The Secret Life Of Pets: Off The Leash

An animatronic dachsund suspended by colorful balloons and wearing a jacket that reads "CONGRATULATIONS!"

Thank you

The Secret Life Of Pets: Off The Leash

An animatronic dachsund getting a butt massage from a stand mixer, its eyes half-closed in ecstasy

I love this dog

The Secret Life Of Pets: Off The Leash

An animatronic dachsund getting a butt massage from a stand mixer, its eyes half-closed in ecstasy

This dog is having a great time

The Secret Life Of Pets: Off The Leash

Artificial snow falling on the plaza at Universal Studios, which is all lit up for Christmas. Lots of people are standing around, taking photos

The Grinch made it snow by liking Christmas

Universal Tower

A big curvy Dr. Seuss Christmas tree on stage in front of a Whoville façade. Some Whos and The Grinch are on stage in front of it, and there's a big crowd between them and us

The Whoville tree lighting was cute

Universal Tower

A sign standing at the entrance to Transformers: The Ride. It features Curious George with a yellow umbrella and reads "Come on in, it's dry inside!"

Never seen these. Luckily it wasn’t raining much

Universal Studios Hollywood

A peek at the entrance to Super Nintendo Land through a fence. The green warp pipe is lit up on the inside with colorful lights.

Super Nintendo Land opens soon I guess!

Universal Studios Hollywood

The entrance to Universal Studios, decorated for Christmas. Lots of gold lights wrapped around the palm trees and wreaths on the lamp posts featuring Universal characters.

Universal Studios Hollywood

A Christmas wreath on a lamp post. In the center is a big ornament with Shrek's face inside.

Merry Shrekmas

Universal Studios Hollywood

A package for a six-foot-tall inflatable “Long-Haired Hound.” It's wearing a sweater and long cap, its tongue is out, and its fur covers its eyes. Cute.

The Home Depot

I migrated a couple apps from Heroku to Fly because they made it really easy, but the migration was not sufficient to be able to deploy changes to those apps, and I SIMPLY refuse to learn enough about Docker to make this work, so those apps will never be updated again

The closer I get to successfully producing and consuming ActivityPub streams from my blog, the less I care about it! Maybe I don’t need my silly little thoughts to be interactive!

Life-size statues of two characters from Avatar in front of a large poster for the new movie

Jake Sully and Neytiri were just hanging out here!

AMC Century City

A solitary urinal in a very large restroom. It's off-center on the wall.


Sunglasses in the shape of Gudetama, the Sanrio character that is a fried egg. The lenses are the egg shell and Gudetama sits on your forehead.

A distant shot of the new Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios as seen from the escalators, still under construction but looking close to finished.

Universal Studios Hollywood

A nearly-complete restaurant façade at Universal CityWalk. Very steampunk.

Wow Toothsome’s is suddenly veyr close to opening

Universal CityWalk

An incomplete Christmas tree in the plaza at CityWalk. There's a tall cone-shaped structure and its top half is covered in pine needles and ornaments.

Universal CityWalk