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A wall in a narrow store in a mall that is just absolutely covered with Funko Pops


Glendale Galleria

My local Dunkin has installed digital kiosks since last I visited. I wasn’t going to use them, but the cashier cheerily invited me to do so, then watched while I struggled through the interface. I had to scroll to the donuts and then the kind I wanted wasn’t even there, so she said “just choose anything, what would you like?” And then I was ordering with the computer and the human simultaneously. Also the touch screen felt gross.

Computers are bad but maybe this is what I deserve for frequenting a Dunkin in Los Angeles, City of Donut Shops

A group of festive people on an outdoor stage in front of a very tall tree covered in lights

Made it back home just in time for the neighborhood tree lighting

Atwater Village

Today we saw Death of a Salesman starring Wendell Pierce and Mike Birbiglia: The Old Man & the Pool starring Mike Birbiglia. Both were terrific and in very different ways, if you can believe it!

A closeup of the corner of a kitchen cabinet. All the edges are soft from dozens of layers of a sloppy landlord’s white paint.

I find the paint thickness in this Alphabet City AirBNB so comforting

We experienced Andrew Schneider’s Now Is When We Are today, I was overwhelmed and started crying multiple times. In a good way! It hit a lot of the same themes as Arrival which happen to be some of my favorite themes.

A photo of a tall metallic device against a clear blue sky. It says “LinkNYC” on the side.

You Must Construct Additional Pylons

East Village

A vintage Halloween decoration depicting two black cats around a Jack-o-lantern, attached to the interior of a glass door

Planet Rose

An upward angle of a big foyer inside the mall, covered in strands of
  white lights and a faux hot air balloon

The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards

Lots of kids excitedly gathering around a giraffe mascot in the toy section of a department store


The first use case for browser extensions that’s actually making me consider, for a moment, moving away from Safari, is that I can’t scrobble from Bandcamp

I was a few months behind on publishing photos but they’re all here now. Well now I have some more but there’s a lot here now. Okay thank you

Four dachsunds in matching blue coats, all walking on leashes held by one person at a crosswalk

An abstract painting in pastel purples and greens. Wispy waves or clouds descending on a small figure in the background illuminated by a beam of light from the top-left corner of the frame. Imposing figures in pointed helmets on horseback with spears appear to be descending on the lone figure.

Aaron Douglas, Let My People Go

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A bronze rabbit sculpture sitting on a woven mat in a display case. There's a scroll on the wall behind it bearing a minimal pattern.

Can’t find this in the catalog but it’s an incense burner shaped like a rabbit from 15th Century Japan and I love it

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A big Christmas Tree in the Medieval Wing at the Met. It's covered in large angel sculptures and set in front of a grand metal screen that runs from floor to ceiling. Lots of people milling around.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Have you ever looked at yourself in a really clean mirror and thought “wow this is so HD”

A selfie with Amy, we're outside in big coats and looking chilly but very happy

We’re in New York!

Rule of Thirds

Two animatronic dogs sitting in front of a stereo, one headbanging to the music

The Secret Life Of Pets: Off The Leash

An animatronic dachsund suspended by colorful balloons and wearing a jacket that reads "CONGRATULATIONS!"

Thank you

The Secret Life Of Pets: Off The Leash

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