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A Prius parked away from the camera on a steep hill. The skyline in the distance shows we're very, very high up. Two wooden doors are poking out of the trunk, held down with bright orange straps.

I bought an old exterior door for $100 today from a friendly guy on Craigslist. I knew it wasn’t going to fit in the car, so I brought some ratchet straps. What I didn’t expect was that this guy lived on the higest point in Highland Park, up like a 50° hill. The car beeped the whole time home to make sure I knew the lift gate was unlatched, but otherwise I’m very proud of my tethering abilities! Also he threw in a solid interior door for free that I guess I’ll use for lumber, hell yeah.

Cirque du Soleil is now on Roblox.

I started playing Hoplite last night and now I think I may never stop!

The flagrant consumerism in Roku City is frankly out of control

I just discovered that All Electronics is going out of business! I’ve never actually been here or purchased anything from them, but I enjoyed knowing they were there the next time I need a motor or a switch or a potentiometer or whatever. I’ll need to visit soon and snatch up everything that looks vaguely interesting.

Also, I’m really sad that I cannot find a brick-and-mortar store that compares to this place. All the reviews are like, “There’s no place like All Electronics!“

Inspired by Jeremy, I have disallowed Google crawling my personal website. I don’t expect this to change my life in any way, except that it feels nice in this exact moment. I would say goodbye to Google but they wouldn’t see it lol

The newest addition to my bag of tricks in trying to get people away from Figma: The New CSS by Matthias Ott. No design tool can accurately capture what is possible in a browser better than the technologies the browser offers us!

A picnic table with a red-and-white checkered table cloth holds a ridiculous collection of wooden cars all lined up, ready to race.

Entrants in a no-rules pinewood derby

Club Tee Gee

Two play cars sitting on a street corner. They are both eerily drained of color.

Found some ghosts

Spirit Halloween has released their first teaser video for this season’s props, which means it’s now Halloween. Happy Halloween!

Side project update: just bought a domain name for a new side project

A roaming security robot in a parking lot

I want to push this thing over so bad. Legally this is a joke for humor purposes only

LAX Economy Parking

A painted possum nestled in a garden

Pleased to see a Mike Bennett piece in my neighborhood!

I’m just realizing the lyrics to the Blue’s Clues theme song are:

‘Cause when we use our minds and take a step at a time
We can do anything that we wanna do

For 20(?) years I thought it was “take a step out of time,” which somehow described the supernatural ability of skidoo-ing into a picture, which was apparently always necessary to solve Blue’s puzzles. But now I understand that this is nothing.

Another banger from Ted Chiang: Will A.I. Become the New McKinsey?

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from leather to nylon today so now it is warm

This is all great advice: Reasonable System for JavaScript Structure

Merlin the wizard on a parade float

Didn’t know Merlin had this kind of pull honestly


Iterative Disciplines

I think specialization is detrimental to building websites.

A collection of storage containers, positioned in the form of a reclining person, set in the desert against the mountains

Matt Johnson, Sleeping Figure

CA 111

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