John Holdun



Travis Barker the Dog sitting in his bed on the floor. His butt and nose are perfectly aligned in the patch of sunlight streaming in from the window.

He always finds the sunny spot

Hey I just stood up Mastodon (or more specifically Hometown) locally and it wasn’t so hard! What a relief. Now I can actually test whether my personal site can interact with Mastodon.

A “no parking” sign, but it reads “No meekness: One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised. - Chinua Achebe”

Kaldi Coffee

The LA river flowing heavily. The water level is up past a lot of the plant life that usually grows on the river bed.

It rained, the river is thriving

Los Angeles River

Me and Amy taking a selfie in a dark corridor of a fancy hotel. She's looking great in a black dress, I have on a grey suit and a burgundy tie and matching sweater

Happy wedding guests

Thompson Denver

A selfie with a green and purple sloth-like creature in front of a big fake tree under purple lighting

Made a friend

Convergence Station - Meow Wolf

Large colorful sculptures of various women and femmes in various outfits and styles. The one nearest us has three eyes, long orange hair, and a matching fanny apck.

These were my favorites

Convergence Station - Meow Wolf

A cardboard sign taped to a fence. It reads “Sorry, no yard sale here - someone posted a fake ad.”

Small plastic cups half-filled with coffee, sitting in a plastic tray on the counter. A sign beside them reads “Holiday Blend.”

Dunkin has some room temp samples of coffee sitting right under where you’re gonna breathe at the cashier, if you’re interested


A sculpture of a skeleton in a long code, climbing up a wooden palette leaning on the wall and painting a sign. It's a road sign that originally read “Share The Road,” but it's being painted to read “Share The Weight” instead.

herein wee weight

A skeleton climbing up some rickety scaffolding and welding a satellite dish in place

herein wee weight

A skeleton sitting on the edge of a barge, one boot off and holding it up to pour out the excess water

herein wee weight

A skeleton and a duck fighting over a rubber chicken. The skeleton is kneeling down and the duck is standing on an overturned bucket of Dinah's Chicken

herein wee weight

A cloudy sky at dusk, the moon obscured but back-lighting some clouds

Spooky Halloween sky

A very zoomed-in photo of the sky, mostly filled with clouds and leaves but in the center there's a tiny pinprick of light

Jupiter, allegedly

A huge white pickup truck parked diagonally across two spots in a parking lot

Parking champ

Harbor Freight

A plywood standee in the shape of a heron affixed to a large wooden base. Parts of it are painted white, others are still natural wood.

I built a heron

An unfinished sculpture of a skeleton welding a satellite dish

Getting there!

A huge jumble of red-and-white wires twisted together, allegedly connectiny various paris of speakers together.

I soldered 20’ of wire between each pair of speakers so they could be spaced far apart. It was scary but it works!

Travis Barker the Dog stretched out on the sofa, looking intently at something out of frame