John Holdun



A wooden towel rack with two white hand towels on it, mounted to a wall half-clad in green subway tile. The wall is trimmed with wood matching the towel rack

Reference for future home renovation ideas

Freehand Hotel

An orange slice in a cocktail with "Dolly Varden" branded on it

Embracing my new identity as a tourist in New York, I involuntarily went “oooh” as the waiter set this in front of me

Dolly Varden

Posting Photos

My complicated bespoke workflow for uploading photos to this site

A fire hydrant with eyes, as seen from across a wet street

A cocktail and table setting on a table outdoors with a very wet street behind it

Outdoor dining in heavy rain


A rolling green hill with trees on the horizon, empty except for one sunbather in the distance

Central Park

A painting of a Black woman holding a baby in her arms and looking up to the sky. The baby has been cut out of the canvas, leaving a white silhouette of the wall in its place.

Titus Kaphar, Contour of Loss

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mannequins dressed in mid-century formalwear, scattered dramatically around a living room designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A mannequin dressed in a leather coat poses ominously outside the window of a living room designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. In the middle distance is a portrait of an older man with a black shroud over it. Elsewhere, mannequins in mid-century formalwear are posed in social groups.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ghostly black mannequins in transparents hats and gowns fit fine eveningwear on gold mannequins amidst Hollywood paraphernalia in an old-fashioned room

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mannequins sword fight in 70s fashion on a glossy surface at the center of a panorama of Versailles

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mannequins dressed like Quakers are scattered around a period room. One is floating a few feet above the ground while another kneels before her.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mannequins in fine 18th Century eveningwear gather in a period room. There are illegible speech bubbles above a group that are watching another from afar. The solo mannequin is playing with a dog, standing upright on a chair, also dressed formally.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The façade of The Met as seen from directly underneath. Cut off on one side is a huge banner advertising IN AMERICA: AN ANTHOLOGY OF FASHION

Here again

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A lush green field

Fort Greene Park

Graphic illustrations painted on a wall depicting a coffee cup and bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich walking, arm in arm


A zoomed-in shot of a car stopped at a red light. There are colorful party lights inside the car, as well as illuminating its grill and the road beneath it.

In New York again, found this party car

Park Row

My brother Doug standing in a backyard, posing beneath a sign that says "I'M 25 BITCHES"

Happy birthday Dough!

A display of pre-packaged fruit at a grocery store


A loaf of banana bread wrapped in paper towel and plastic wrap, sitting on a cluttered kitchen counter

This is a bad photo but it commemorates the time our neighbor brought us banana bread