John Holdun



Travis the dog sitting on a chair on the front porch, enjoying the sun

Finally got art on the walls

I built these shelves

oh no

I brok the sink lol

Good ice

A chicken sandwich and fries with a tall tiki cocktail, all on an outdoor table with foliage and soundstages in the background

Jurassic Café - Universal Studios Hollywood

A chubby cat flopped on its back on the carpet

A sticker on the front glass of a Subway display case that reads "Our tuna is real tuna" with a QR code


A washer and dryer, freshly installed in an empty room

A ladder leading to a mostly-empty loft in a mostly-empty garage

An electric car plugged in to an outlet in the garage

Holding a new sink faucet up beside the old sink faucet for comparison

A kitchen counter with some spare placed items—utensils, a drying rack, a paper towel mount

A flyer titled "Hello, Marty! Marty is now looking for his Forever Home" with photos and details on a cute little dog. One tear-off tab with a phone number is missing.

The dashboard display of a car showing a driver score of 92/100

The LA river as seen from overhead, low water and sparse foliage

Atwater Village Red Car Trolley Bridge

Travis the dog sitting in the sun in front of the garage

A selfie, sitting on the ground with a laptop on my lap, Travis sitting on my legs just behind the laptop, and an empty house in the background