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For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from nylon to leather today so now it is cold

OCEAN’S THIRTEEN - Haha yes this one is still good too. #movies

OCEAN’S TWELVE - I feel like I’ve changed a lot since the first time I saw this one but it still pushes all my buttons so who knows? #movies

“Over the Garden Wall” is still very beautiful. You can watch the whole series in one sitting and I think you should!

LITTLE MONSTERS - This had the classic horror trope of a contrived situation that kept accelerating toward a climax, but instead of a big scary thrill it was charming and sweet! I liked it a lot! #movies

AD ASTRA - A desaturated confrontation with humanity set to space travel and scored by Max Richter is one of my favorite genres but this was…ponderous. #movies

Link’s Awakening is…my perfect game

The tricky thing, at least right now, about building an ActivityPub server is that if you’re doing something wrong, it’s almost impossible to discern why. (I wish there were a way for Mastodon to alert a host when it fails to federate.)

I charged and updated my old iPhone 5S today and am trying it out to see if a downgrade is viable. So far? Into it!

Do you think anyone has ever used the word “zilch” in any way other than a series of synonyms for “nothing” to emphasize an absence

Todaybor Day is Labor Day.

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - It’s been a while and Indiana Jones is even less of a sympathetic character than I recalled. I’m still enthralled by that final shot though. #movies

Just heard a child walking into Washington Square Park say “I wish this was a cemetery.” Happy Halloween!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1951) - What a strange romp! I find it interesting to compare this to its anthology contemporaries, like MAKE MINE MUSIC, which were series of unrelated shorts compiled to feature length. This is basically that, but with a framing narrative. Good job! #movies

GOOD BOYS - This movie is made of infinite layers of sincerity and I couldn’t stop scream-laughing. Thank you. #movies

BRAVE - Wait this is so good and it’s an original fairy tale, why didn’t anyone tell me this #movies

SPRING BREAKERS - I hated the content from the jump, so intensely that it kind of disappeared and I got to just enjoy the medium. And I think that’s a good way to ingest this one. #movies

Haha my ActivityPub inbox has silently rejected everything it received since Friday night. I should add alerts?

ZOMBIELAND - All I remembered from seeing this ages ago was the big cameo. My first reaction at the end was to be disappointed by how bare the plot was, but thinking some more it was maybe just right. The amusement park sequence was great also, thank you. #movies

THE LION KING (2019) - I cried, but only because this movie retreads such deep footprints. I was impressed, actually, by how heartless the whole thing was. #movies