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Los Angeles River Bike Path

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from leather to nylon today so now it is warm

This mf got shoes

Mount Beanpole

I wrote my own dang forum software. Come check out my little baby community if you please!

I hope Owen Pallett is playing Animal Well

I installed phpBB on my website yesterday to see what it’s like. It apparently hasn’t changed! I’m glad to see this software is still maintained but we really put up with a lot of cruft in the 2000s I guess. I am not going to link my installation because I don’t think I’m going to keep it, but I do like the idea of fostering a little forum. I think I gotta write my own dang forum software.

Between my live jams and released songs, I’ve apparently recorded forty hours of music! That’s as many as four tens, and that’s awesome.

I discovered this because I’ve collected everything into a streaming radio station which you can tune into now! Everything is just shuffled but at some point I’d like to program this into more of a set of shows or something.

Also, the next time I play live, it’ll be broadcast here, so keep it tuned! (I’ll also announce when this will be once I figure it out.)

This station is a part of (and exists because of) the Cohost Icecast Webring, so if you’re tired of my synth noodles you should see what else awaits you over there.

Do they reuse the Super Bowl commercials for the Oscars? These seem like Super Bowl leftovers.

I always try to get my Google CAPTCHA just a little wrong to poison the image recognition data. Usually it can just tell that I did a bad job and makes me try again and my life gets the slightest bit more challenging.

I generally really enjoy Why We Bleep but I had to stop the most recent episode about half an hour from the end because the guest started talking about things he’s doing with ChatGPT and that is never not the most boring topic in the world. It’s like telling someone about a dream you had but also you falling asleep melted the polar ice caps a little more.

There is a motif in the score for Droomvlucht that sounds like the America’s Funniest Videos theme song.

Another visit to The Met, another gallery I’ve never seen before! This time it was 106 in the Egyptian wing which is very modest but includes a cool old-ass wooden door

I know this is problematic but I’m always disappointed when a yellow cab driver in New York City uses an app for turn-by-turn directions

I only got a couple months into a daily journal using Obsidian last year but since the start of 2024 I’m trying again. Additionally, this year I’m trying to start each entry with a short summary of the day. That way it’s a little easier to add something every day, and hopefully at the end of the year I can pull all those single lines into a big-but-not-indigestible view of the year as a whole. But also since I usually can’t summarize the day before it’s begun, most entries start with “TODO” and then I’m going back and updating them the following morning. (⌘T to jump to Today’s journal entry and ⌘Y to jump to Yesterday, or technically the day before the current entry, are really helpful here.)

It’s hard to find any information on the web about Byte, the app that Dom Hoffman and co. created as a successor to Vine in 2018. It’s apparently impossible to find any information on the web about Byte, the app that Dom Hoffman and co. created as a successor to Hypercard in 2015. I really loved the latter and wish I could revisit some of those creations!

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from nylon to leather today so now it is cold

A photo of me posing in a costume. It’s a white ghost with a big head and long curvy legs that stretch out from my chest to my feet but are doing their own thing on the way down.

Last week I made a costume! It’s the Cab Calloway leggy ghost from “Snow-White,” the Max Fleischer Betty Boop short. I haven’t sewn anything in a long time, and I made a lot of mistakes but I also really enjoyed the process and am excited to do some more soon.

Just booked a stay at Efteling hell yeah

A truly astounding UX oversight that one can search “Star Wars bar” in the Disneyland app and Oga’s Cantina is not among the results. (I remembered that it was called “Oga’s Cantina” as I was typing this.)

The other day I was a bar and a strange approached me. He asked, “Are you Paul Rust?” I said no. He smiled and put his hand out for a shake and said “I’m a big fan, just finished the series, loved it.” I said “No, I’m not Paul Rust.”

Did he think I was joking? Was he just rehearsing his big Paul Rust intro so hard that he didn’t hear my answer? Does Paul Rust famously deny his identity in public?

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