I have started a little hyperfiction project. I plan to update it infrequently. I will not be offering notifications when it changes.

On my first day in México I had my first Spanish conversation! It was just to order a margarita but I’m still feeling accomplished.

Seeing the new Broadway production of West Side Story helped me realize that it breaks my heart for the same reason as Spring Awakening: it’s about kids who understand that the world is broken but don’t have the slightest idea how to fix it.

This is wonderful: A premature and biased eulogy for Yo

O. Henry’s famous short story, Gift of the Mario

I’m dedicating some time this year to producing electronic music. I’m also finally listening to KAYTRANADA’s new album and, as someone that’s trying to figure out what his sound will be, I’m shocked by how limited his palette is—he uses the same couple drums and synths on seemingly every song, and it sounds distinctly signature but not overplayed.

MISSING LINK - I love Laika but this one just never connected. Half the time it felt like the characters weren’t actually talking to each other at all? #movies

FROZEN 2 - There was an interesting concept somewhere in here but it was too busy acknowledging it’s a sequel and paying attention to Olaf to do anything compelling with it. Oh well! #movies

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE - That’s a Christmas to me. #movies

Might be fun to write a screenplay that’s IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE but George Bailey is replaced with Walter White. They’re very similar!

I visited Galaxy’s Edge for the first time yesterday and it really amazed me! The way it works with the Play Disney app is also incredible. I want to go back and spend a whole day just working through the side quests.

THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE - Cute dog, strange script, good movie. I’m a sucker for any film that establishes a peculiar reality and never feels the need to explain itself. #movies

IRON MAN 3 - Hey it’s a Christmas movie! Fun to see what Marvel was doing before Disney, this feels a little more politically edgy than anything that would come out of this series now.

KNIVES OUT - Hey I loved it! I went in knowing absolutely nothing and it thrilled me in every scene. Good job. #movies

HOT ROD - I appreciate that The Lonely Island does their thing to the most that a thing can ever be done. #movies

THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 (2009) - Every movie should be about the New York City subway. #movies

DRIVE - So precise and fable-like, but unfortunately so extremely graphic too. #movies

EL CAMINO - It was really nice to dip back into this world, but I expected more than…nothing? Oh well. #movies

A thing I don’t understand and that is very hard to search for on the web because everyone is asking the opposite: why isn’t air travel more expensive? Train travel, at least in the US, is comparatively very expensive. Trains seem, to me, cheaper to operate and maintain than airplanes. What’s happening here?

NIGHT MOVES - I think I was into what this one was trying to say but I wish it had said more. Jesse Eisenberg has a knack for playing unlikeable characters. #movies