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Last night in Ohio was an extremely Ohio night. We all rushed to the basement because there was a tornado nearby, then later we were stuck at a train crossing while the world’s longest train barreled along. And today? Today I expect to see some cows.

Spirit released their first video of the season, happy Halloween

I spent the last couple days at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. It was extremely nice.

MEOW WOLF: ORIGIN STORY - I didn’t know what I didn’t know about this group. They’re such an inspiration! And the documentary is so well-made! #movies

I fixed my micropub endpoint! I can publish on my website without sshing now! Feels good!

Hello world

A performer named Eric Koller was the lead in LUZIA and I can’t stop thinking about his performance. He makes me want to be a clown.

MONSTERS, INC. - I couldn’t remember the Nefarious Plot in this movie. I think it’s really undersold in the script. Still a really fun and unusual concept though! #movies

The people boarding this plane ahead of me have a whole-ass box of pizza

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from leather to nylon today so now it is warm

I’ve seen a lot of Cirque du Soleil productions, but tonight I saw LUZIA and it had some of my favorite moments of all of them. Also, the best crowd I’ve ever shared a Cirque show with.

Darius wrote a great guide to understanding ActivityPub. It’s in the form of an explanation of the explanation—clever!

Super Mario World extreme-difficulty ROM hacks are great, but where are our extreme-difficulty ROM hacks of Aladdin for SNES?

ALADDIN (2019) - Will Smith (and Nasim Pedrad!) brought something special to what was otherwise a pretty dull remake. It exceeded my expectations but my expectations were quite low. #movies

JASON BOURNE - It must be impossible to write a screenplay for a mass audience that coherently references modern technology. Glad I’m caught up on the series though. #movies

THE BOURNE LEGACY - Oh Jeremy I think maybe you’re okay. This movie could have used like 60 fewer minutes but I still enjoyed the worldbuilding. #movies

Every time I listen to the last track on Astroworld, I envy an alternate universe where Kanye kept his ego a little more in check and kept making music that sounded like MBDTF

THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM - Huh, this series keeps getting better. I think maybe the next one is the Jeremy Renner one, so. #movies

I would probably pay a couple bucks a month for a device that would allow me to secure my own bike in a Citi Bike dock. This would probably be a disaster for Citi Bike.

It only took a few years to realize my homespun CMS was just a poor reimplementation of Jekyll. Spent the night porting my website…to Jekyll…and now we’re here!