John Holdun



A selfie showing the size of a faux-wood Tiki mug. It's almost the size of my head.

Iā€™m sorry to say that my most frequented tiki bar in LA is the Jurassic Park one. This mug was very large.

Isla Nu-Bar

Two raccoons on the roof at night!

A simple wooden table with coffee accessories atop it

I built this island! It still needs a bottom shelf.

A flyer warning not to hire a contractor who redid the creator's driveway with "bloodcrete," which is concrete with blood in it. Do not hire him!

Another Alan Wagner joint I think?

Atwater Village

A mural from across the street. Bold white illustrations on a black brick wall.

Hugo's Tacos

A jar of caviar, held in my hand in a grocery store

McCall's Meat and Fish Company

Framed prints and photographs arranged on the dining table in the way they'll be mounted on the wall

Figuring out how to arrange these on the wall

Two cocktails on a restaurant table: one with a hibiscus flower, and one with a burning herb

This was a great meal with great drinks


Bougainvillea creeping up a fence along the walkway of the LA River

LA River

A reflective circle with smaller circles cut out of it, suspended in the air along the railing of a bridge over the LA River

Vivian Flynn, ā€œStop the Clockā€

Red Car Bridge