John Holdun



A food cart with the Ninja Turtles painted on the side. It reads LAS TORTUGAS


A wall in a narrow store in a mall that is just absolutely covered with Funko Pops


Glendale Galleria

A group of festive people on an outdoor stage in front of a very tall tree covered in lights

Made it back home just in time for the neighborhood tree lighting

Atwater Village

A closeup of the corner of a kitchen cabinet. All the edges are soft from dozens of layers of a sloppy landlord’s white paint.

I find the paint thickness in this Alphabet City AirBNB so comforting

A photo of a tall metallic device against a clear blue sky. It says “LinkNYC” on the side.

You Must Construct Additional Pylons

East Village

A vintage Halloween decoration depicting two black cats around a Jack-o-lantern, attached to the interior of a glass door

Planet Rose

An upward angle of a big foyer inside the mall, covered in strands of
  white lights and a faux hot air balloon

The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards

Lots of kids excitedly gathering around a giraffe mascot in the toy section of a department store


Four dachsunds in matching blue coats, all walking on leashes held by one person at a crosswalk

An abstract painting in pastel purples and greens. Wispy waves or clouds descending on a small figure in the background illuminated by a beam of light from the top-left corner of the frame. Imposing figures in pointed helmets on horseback with spears appear to be descending on the lone figure.

Aaron Douglas, Let My People Go

The Metropolitan Museum of Art