John Holdun



A dilapidated scooter and some other very well-worn bits of junk sitting in a pile on the walkway of the LA River

LA River

A distant view of an art installation on the Red Car Bridge, as well as a musician setting up equipment on the bank of the LA River

Red Car Bridge

Two piles of t-shirts for sale, one printed with "Bagel" and the other printed with "Slice." Above them is a sign that reads "T-Shirt battle: do you? or do you?"

Bagel + Slice

A marionette of a skunk in a fine suit, performing for children in a small theater

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

A closed red curtain in a small but finely-decorated theater. An organist plays in the background.

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Signs posted on a telephone pole: "We buy houses" "We buy souls!" "We buy houses" "Free garage conversion" "Denied credit? Let me help!"

A glass of wine and a steak salad sitting on an outdoor table near dusk

Not pictured: the live band playing a few houses down. (Also not pictured, Amy’s meal beside mine in slightly worse light)

Travis the dog peeking out from behind a pile of pillows that is nearly taller than he is

Hey Trav

A pair of chaise lounges in the backyard

Gonna sit in these things all Summer

Travis the dog peeking out of a closet, where he is hiding in the dark

Somebody is very afraid of flies because he thinks they are bees :(