John Holdun


I’ve been writing and playing electronic music since late 2019 and it’s steadily taking over my life. Here’s the stuff that seems worth sharing so far.


I’ve recorded over 40 hours of music somehow! It’s all playing all the time on my radio station. Tune in!

📻 jam holdin’

Sometimes I also broadcast live on there. Follow my blog for updates on the next time that happens.


I released an EP in 2022! It’s free to download if you want it.

Tracks and Demos

Slightly less polished, slightly more all over the place.


I used to just improvise live on YouTube or Instagram or whatever the cool new streaming platform was and would record those jams. Future jams will be audio-only on my internet radio station (see above) but also who am I kidding, I’ll probably stream video someday again too.