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Side project update: just bought a domain name for a new side project

I’m just realizing the lyrics to the Blue’s Clues theme song are:

‘Cause when we use our minds and take a step at a time
We can do anything that we wanna do

For 20(?) years I thought it was “take a step out of time,” which somehow described the supernatural ability of skidoo-ing into a picture, which was apparently always necessary to solve Blue’s puzzles. But now I understand that this is nothing.

Another banger from Ted Chiang: Will A.I. Become the New McKinsey?

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from leather to nylon today so now it is warm

This is all great advice: Reasonable System for JavaScript Structure

Such a bummer to watch all the clever technologists who managed to avoid the thrall of blockchains finally get suckered by Markov chains

Drinking a beer on the little French street at Universal Studios Hollywood and realizing there’s nowhere to buy a regular candy bar here

I started using Obsidian on December 21 and I’ve managed to add something to it every day since, even if only just a journal entry. It’s really fun to watch it slowly fill with thoughts, and I think I’m more keen to take notes on whatever ideas are in my head than I was before this was in front of me.

My local Dunkin has installed digital kiosks since last I visited. I wasn’t going to use them, but the cashier cheerily invited me to do so, then watched while I struggled through the interface. I had to scroll to the donuts and then the kind I wanted wasn’t even there, so she said “just choose anything, what would you like?” And then I was ordering with the computer and the human simultaneously. Also the touch screen felt gross.

Computers are bad but maybe this is what I deserve for frequenting a Dunkin in Los Angeles, City of Donut Shops

Today we saw Death of a Salesman starring Wendell Pierce and Mike Birbiglia: The Old Man & the Pool starring Mike Birbiglia. Both were terrific and in very different ways, if you can believe it!

We experienced Andrew Schneider’s Now Is When We Are today, I was overwhelmed and started crying multiple times. In a good way! It hit a lot of the same themes as Arrival which happen to be some of my favorite themes.

The first use case for browser extensions that’s actually making me consider, for a moment, moving away from Safari, is that I can’t scrobble from Bandcamp

I was a few months behind on publishing photos but they’re all here now. Well now I have some more but there’s a lot here now. Okay thank you

Have you ever looked at yourself in a really clean mirror and thought “wow this is so HD”

I migrated a couple apps from Heroku to Fly because they made it really easy, but the migration was not sufficient to be able to deploy changes to those apps, and I SIMPLY refuse to learn enough about Docker to make this work, so those apps will never be updated again

The closer I get to successfully producing and consuming ActivityPub streams from my blog, the less I care about it! Maybe I don’t need my silly little thoughts to be interactive!

Hey I just stood up Mastodon (or more specifically Hometown) locally and it wasn’t so hard! What a relief. Now I can actually test whether my personal site can interact with Mastodon.

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from nylon to leather today so now it is cold (somewhere)

Todayborday is Labor Day.

The way EMMA Cooperative works, as explained in this recent blog post, is so inspiring to me. I hope they last a very long time!

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from leather to nylon today so now it is warm

A couple times a day I water the vegetable beds and spray vinegar on the weeds. Making sure the good plants are wet and the bad plants are dry. Feels like there’s a metaphor here but I’m not going to look for it!

Sometimes it’s important to ask yourself: do you want to create a mysterious open-world RPG or do you just want to play Link’s Awakening again?

I have released some proper music! I’m happy with it, I hope you’ll be happy with it too. Stream or download Walkers EP right now for free! Thanks! Bye!

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from nylon to leather today so now it is cold

(Walking into Dunkin) Yeah let me get uh one plain and one pepperoni

The government and numerous shadowy organizations tried to stop me, but I did it: I watched all of Burn Notice.

I won’t spoil my final thoughts here but trust that I’m glad it’s over!

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from leather to nylon a few weeks ago so now it is warm

Airport call sign microblogs went out of fashion long ago but it’s been a while since I even had the chance, so: JFK ✈ PSP

Just listen to “Cazenove” and tell me it wouldn’t be really satisfying to be good at various kinds of athletic things and listen to Bicep really loud while you do them.

Casey Kolderup in Amplifier

It finally happened. I had a dream about being a spy. Or, well, used to be being a spy.

My comprehensive coverage of Season 4 of Burn Notice, as well as an in-depth critique of made-for-TV movie Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, is now available for all.

The rumors are true: I finished season 3 of Burn Notice

Another visit to The Met, another gallery I didn’t know existed! This time it was 743, Louis Comfort Tiffany. I liked it.

Great news, I finished season 2 of Burn Notice

Burn Notice: A Good Show

I added a little more context and organization to my music page. I’ve been playing and sharing live long-form jams consistently for a month now!

This live set by JD3 is just so perfect. The instrumentation, the subtle progressions, the transitions between tunes—it’s all exactly what I want to eventually be able to accomplish in my own electronic live sets.

A year ago today I uploaded Walkers, which was my first real attempt at creating a song. A lot has happened since then! It’s all on my Music page.

Today, here’s Pepcumber, a neo-soul/trip hop jam that I improvised live last night on Instagram.

I haven’t really been writing about my ~musical journey~ but I think maybe I should take more notes.

Tultywits: talk of and use the little things you want to survive. I try!

A good source of inspiration: a list of winners of the short-lived Grammy Award for Best R&B Instrumental Performance

Note to self, for future patching: Synthesizing Brass Instruments

Every month or so I have to decide if I’m going to buy a new MIDI sequencer or work on the one I started building. After last week’s OP-Z jam, I think I have enough desires to pick the latter again!

I’ve spent the last few hours listening to the same four-bar house loop while tweaking a visualization for a DJ set. Feels like 2009 again!

“Illustrated Interactive Panoramas:” TessaScape

I spent a lot—like, a lot of time playing with VCV Rack this weekend. I’ve been worried for my wallet about diving into modular synths but having a free software platform seems to satiate me for now! I’ve made a few patches and found that the Beatstep Pro is the perfect tactile companion to the many available modules. Here’s my first patch!

It’s a strange feeling to find one’s new canon two decades after it was published: Hypertext Gardens (↬ Liam)

Todayborday is Labor Day.

“You don’t know anything about The Lion King” is perhaps the harshest thing anyone has ever said to me

Putting this into the universe because I don’t want to have to build it myself but so help me I will:

A native-app WYSIWYG HTML editor with FTP support that recognizes repeatable content within a page (like sections) or across pages (like a footer). Minimal design controls—maybe just basic typography—but allows non-web devs to keep copy on a static brochure-style website up to date and does not impose a build system.

Here is what I’d do: I would drink coffee, and the twist is, I would also walk outside. That was the whole thing.

My favorite game on the Nabisco Entertainment System? Probably Super Oreo Bros

David Lynch is sharing daily weather reports on YouTube.

I’ve been watching this man solve extremely contrived Sudoku puzzles on YouTube for a few weeks now, I guess, but this latest one is really something special.

I’m designing a MIDI step sequencer! I had my first successful test last night, so I’ve started documenting the process. If things keep going well I’m going to jam with this system over the weekend.

I should have realized it was a dream when I was struggling to open doors and not to carry an extension ladder down a fire escape.

I have started a little hyperfiction project. I plan to update it infrequently. I will not be offering notifications when it changes.

On my first day in México I had my first Spanish conversation! It was just to order a margarita but I’m still feeling accomplished.

Seeing the new Broadway production of West Side Story helped me realize that it breaks my heart for the same reason as Spring Awakening: it’s about kids who understand that the world is broken but don’t have the slightest idea how to fix it.

This is wonderful: A premature and biased eulogy for Yo

O. Henry’s famous short story, Gift of the Mario

I’m dedicating some time this year to producing electronic music. I’m also finally listening to KAYTRANADA’s new album and, as someone that’s trying to figure out what his sound will be, I’m shocked by how limited his palette is—he uses the same couple drums and synths on seemingly every song, and it sounds distinctly signature but not overplayed.

MISSING LINK - I love Laika but this one just never connected. Half the time it felt like the characters weren’t actually talking to each other at all? #movies

FROZEN 2 - There was an interesting concept somewhere in here but it was too busy acknowledging it’s a sequel and paying attention to Olaf to do anything compelling with it. Oh well! #movies

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE - That’s a Christmas to me. #movies

Might be fun to write a screenplay that’s IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE but George Bailey is replaced with Walter White. They’re very similar!

I visited Galaxy’s Edge for the first time yesterday and it really amazed me! The way it works with the Play Disney app is also incredible. I want to go back and spend a whole day just working through the side quests.

THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE - Cute dog, strange script, good movie. I’m a sucker for any film that establishes a peculiar reality and never feels the need to explain itself. #movies

IRON MAN 3 - Hey it’s a Christmas movie! Fun to see what Marvel was doing before Disney, this feels a little more politically edgy than anything that would come out of this series now.

KNIVES OUT - Hey I loved it! I went in knowing absolutely nothing and it thrilled me in every scene. Good job. #movies

HOT ROD - I appreciate that The Lonely Island does their thing to the most that a thing can ever be done. #movies

THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 (2009) - Every movie should be about the New York City subway. #movies

DRIVE - So precise and fable-like, but unfortunately so extremely graphic too. #movies

EL CAMINO - It was really nice to dip back into this world, but I expected more than…nothing? Oh well. #movies

A thing I don’t understand and that is very hard to search for on the web because everyone is asking the opposite: why isn’t air travel more expensive? Train travel, at least in the US, is comparatively very expensive. Trains seem, to me, cheaper to operate and maintain than airplanes. What’s happening here?

NIGHT MOVES - I think I was into what this one was trying to say but I wish it had said more. Jesse Eisenberg has a knack for playing unlikeable characters. #movies

Oh! My Mastodon feed converter sometimes doesn’t work because Mastodon removed Atom feeds in v3.0.0. So eventually it will never work. Got it.

After many years of paying $1 to visit The Met, I finally purchased a membership yesterday. I wandered around for a couple hours but immediately after entering, I found a couple galleries I’ve never seen (234-236). There are still nooks and crannies of this place I don’t know about, I’m sure!

RUSHMORE - As the credits appeared I started laughing uncontrollably and also realized I had been crying!! How did I wait so long to watch this delightful little stinker do his thing? #movies

THE SQUID AND THE WHALE - I remember this movie being one of my first perspectives on Brooklyn. I so wish I could go back and ask myself how I felt about the people in this movie. I probably had bad opinions. #movies

THE BANK JOB - I was wondering why the first half galloped along so briskly but it all became clear eventually. A British period heist conspiracy thriller! Who knew! #movies

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from nylon to leather today so now it is cold

OCEAN’S THIRTEEN - Haha yes this one is still good too. #movies

OCEAN’S TWELVE - I feel like I’ve changed a lot since the first time I saw this one but it still pushes all my buttons so who knows? #movies

“Over the Garden Wall” is still very beautiful. You can watch the whole series in one sitting and I think you should!

LITTLE MONSTERS - This had the classic horror trope of a contrived situation that kept accelerating toward a climax, but instead of a big scary thrill it was charming and sweet! I liked it a lot! #movies

AD ASTRA - A desaturated confrontation with humanity set to space travel and scored by Max Richter is one of my favorite genres but this was…ponderous. #movies

Link’s Awakening is…my perfect game

The tricky thing, at least right now, about building an ActivityPub server is that if you’re doing something wrong, it’s almost impossible to discern why. (I wish there were a way for Mastodon to alert a host when it fails to federate.)

I charged and updated my old iPhone 5S today and am trying it out to see if a downgrade is viable. So far? Into it!

Do you think anyone has ever used the word “zilch” in any way other than a series of synonyms for “nothing” to emphasize an absence

Todaybor Day is Labor Day.

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - It’s been a while and Indiana Jones is even less of a sympathetic character than I recalled. I’m still enthralled by that final shot though. #movies

Just heard a child walking into Washington Square Park say “I wish this was a cemetery.” Happy Halloween!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1951) - What a strange romp! I find it interesting to compare this to its anthology contemporaries, like MAKE MINE MUSIC, which were series of unrelated shorts compiled to feature length. This is basically that, but with a framing narrative. Good job! #movies

GOOD BOYS - This movie is made of infinite layers of sincerity and I couldn’t stop scream-laughing. Thank you. #movies

BRAVE - Wait this is so good and it’s an original fairy tale, why didn’t anyone tell me this #movies

SPRING BREAKERS - I hated the content from the jump, so intensely that it kind of disappeared and I got to just enjoy the medium. And I think that’s a good way to ingest this one. #movies

Haha my ActivityPub inbox has silently rejected everything it received since Friday night. I should add alerts?

ZOMBIELAND - All I remembered from seeing this ages ago was the big cameo. My first reaction at the end was to be disappointed by how bare the plot was, but thinking some more it was maybe just right. The amusement park sequence was great also, thank you. #movies

THE LION KING (2019) - I cried, but only because this movie retreads such deep footprints. I was impressed, actually, by how heartless the whole thing was. #movies

RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET - I was ready for a whimsical personification of the web. I wasn’t ready for such a dull script. Oh well! #movies

@topghost Mmm… its indistinguishable… I just invented it.

I wonder how often I order cold brew at Dunkin and receive iced coffee instead. Half the time?

Oh hm I might have done it.

I am trying to get my IndieWeb-ActivityPub tool working, Mastodon is accepting my posts but they are not actually showing up and to figure out why feels utterly impossible!

Zerp zerp

“Coin-operated Boy” is playing at the JetBlue terminal at JFK and it’s very unsettling!

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - It kinda lagged in the middle but I’m suddenly excited to see where Marvel movies are going again! Everybody in this slice of the universe is so cute!! #movies

Cows: nature’s dogs

THE DEAD DON’T DIE - Is there anything I enjoy more than a meta genre send-up? Is there‽ #movies

This is my first summer in an apartment without built-in A/C and I’m trying go without, but today I discovered that it’s too hot to eat M&Ms and I’m feeling so torn

It seems like I’m not alone this year in choosing to not celebrate the Fourth of July. That brings me just a little comfort.

I built a service that translates Mastodon Atom feeds into JSON feeds that are formatted more like’s feeds. I’ve been reading all my social follows in my feed reader for a few weeks and it’s really quite pleasant. Try it!

I’m going to be in Portland July 19–21! I’ve never been there and I’m excited to experience it.

I’ve had a cold for a week and I think it’s mostly from the twice-daily arctic blast of the subway cars

@manton I didn’t know he worked for Disney until I explored his website! I also didn’t realize he had so many books. Time to dive in.

I loved No Such Things by Bill Peet as a kid and forgot about it completely for many years. I’d really love to find that old copy for my bookshelf now. (Bill Peet’s website is a 90s treasure.)

Walking around Red Hook and Gowanus today, I think I must have seen every scooter in Revel’s fleet.

An installation in Otherworld

Last weekend I visited Otherworld in Columbus, Ohio. It was a lot of fun! It’s a sort of immersive art experience in the vein in the vein of Meow Wolf. But whereas House of Eternal Return was a bunch of artists coming together to create a single thing, Otherworld seems to have a much more singular focus. As I explored with my friends, we slowly began to realize that there was a puzzle to solve here. The clues were sparse and didn’t perfectly fit together, which we suspected was because the show isn’t finished yet—it’s only been open about a month. I’m excited to visit again in a year and see how things have evolved.

I think my favorite part of the design was how gracious it was to the guests. The world-building preamble is in a side room off the main entrance that’s easy to miss and—more importantly—easy to skip. There’s a loose framing narrative around the idea that we are test subjects for some sort of experiement, and a mystery to uncover around how and why things started going wrong, but ignoring all of that does not at all detract from the main experience. It would be easy as a designer to force the audience through some sort of expository preshow and, like the old Hydrolators at EPCOT, that preshow would probably be forcefully disabled very quickly. Well done, Otherworld!

I’m glad Jeremy Keith shared a link to Remy Sharp’s—together with Aaron Parecki’s, it’s now so easy to configure incoming and outgoing webmentions!

I, TONYA - I like how this one seemed to switch genres halfway through. I also really liked how it treated the fourth wall. A good movie. #movies

Last night in Ohio was an extremely Ohio night. We all rushed to the basement because there was a tornado nearby, then later we were stuck at a train crossing while the world’s longest train barreled along. And today? Today I expect to see some cows.

Spirit released their first video of the season, happy Halloween

I spent the last couple days at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. It was extremely nice.

MEOW WOLF: ORIGIN STORY - I didn’t know what I didn’t know about this group. They’re such an inspiration! And the documentary is so well-made! #movies

I fixed my micropub endpoint! I can publish on my website without sshing now! Feels good!

Hello world

A performer named Eric Koller was the lead in LUZIA and I can’t stop thinking about his performance. He makes me want to be a clown.

MONSTERS, INC. - I couldn’t remember the Nefarious Plot in this movie. I think it’s really undersold in the script. Still a really fun and unusual concept though! #movies

The people boarding this plane ahead of me have a whole-ass box of pizza

For those of you who chart the weather by my watch band: I switched from leather to nylon today so now it is warm

I’ve seen a lot of Cirque du Soleil productions, but tonight I saw LUZIA and it had some of my favorite moments of all of them. Also, the best crowd I’ve ever shared a Cirque show with.

Darius wrote a great guide to understanding ActivityPub. It’s in the form of an explanation of the explanation—clever!

Super Mario World extreme-difficulty ROM hacks are great, but where are our extreme-difficulty ROM hacks of Aladdin for SNES?

ALADDIN (2019) - Will Smith (and Nasim Pedrad!) brought something special to what was otherwise a pretty dull remake. It exceeded my expectations but my expectations were quite low. #movies

JASON BOURNE - It must be impossible to write a screenplay for a mass audience that coherently references modern technology. Glad I’m caught up on the series though. #movies

THE BOURNE LEGACY - Oh Jeremy I think maybe you’re okay. This movie could have used like 60 fewer minutes but I still enjoyed the worldbuilding. #movies

Every time I listen to the last track on Astroworld, I envy an alternate universe where Kanye kept his ego a little more in check and kept making music that sounded like MBDTF

THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM - Huh, this series keeps getting better. I think maybe the next one is the Jeremy Renner one, so. #movies

I would probably pay a couple bucks a month for a device that would allow me to secure my own bike in a Citi Bike dock. This would probably be a disaster for Citi Bike.

It only took a few years to realize my homespun CMS was just a poor reimplementation of Jekyll. Spent the night porting my website…to Jekyll…and now we’re here!

THE HANGOVER - Fart noise #movies

WIND RIVER - Probably my favorite Jeremy Renner performance. I think this is the most benevolent possible usage of the White Savior? #movies

AVENGERS: ENDGAME - This movie I think succeeded at doing what it wanted to do! I didn’t enjoy it per se but I feel satisfied having seen it. #movies

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD - I read the book a long time ago and saw the new Broadway production recently; this adaptation was new to me. I prefer Sorkin’s stageplay but there are some excellent performances here too. I blubbered! #movies

US - It’s difficult not to compare this to GET OUT, and I think it’s not as successful, but I also think I’ll be thinking about it for a long time. #movies

COLLATERAL - This is a movie about the virtues of public transportation. I wish they committed more to the fate/coincidence thing; as it was it felt a little too Deus Ex Machina-y for me. #movies

MOON - Hmmm. I liked this but also I wanted it to be more. More of what? I’m not sure. Felt like all the tension was in the first act and the rest just sort of unfurled gradually. Sam Rockwell was really great though! #movies

ARRIVAL - I’m floored. This is now among my very favorite movies. The culminating emotions here are some that I’ve often thought impossible to capture. Wow. #movies

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI - Hey I still like this one! A fun exercise in killing your darlings. #movies

CAPTAIN MARVEL - Couldn’t have cared less about the first 20ish minutes but got into it eventually! I liked the twisty plot but more than that I enjoyed how radical this film was (for a billion-dollar blockbuster anyway) #movies

THE FOREIGNER - This movie lived up to the hype of its trailer perfectly. I wouldn’t change a thing! #movies

SIDEWAYS - This was not at all the movie I thought it was going to be—all I knew was that it was sort of stuffy about wine. I liked it! I haven’t seen this sort of smallish quirky indie movie in a while. #movies

IRON MAN 2 - Such fun! The MCU isn’t really fun like this anymore. Also I will watch anything that invokes the 1964 World’s Fair. #movies

THE BOURNE SUPREMACY - A good movie to eat popcorn to! #movies

LAYER CAKE - I enjoyed this one a lot but have little to no idea what happened or who any of those people are. Also still don’t really understand Daniel Craig’s appeal but he’s fun. #movies

THE BOURNE IDENTITY - I think I’ve seen this but I didn’t remember hardly any of it. It’s fun! This is apparently the year of Matt Damon for me. #movies

THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART - The funny stuff didn’t work as well as in the first one but the sweet stuff was right on point. I really liked Whatevra’s character design! #movies

THE DEPARTED - Leo’s performance was particularly great, what a thrilling plot, I hated everyone #movies

QUANTUM OF SOLACE - Oh I see, James Bond movies are Mission: Impossible movies but less fun. #movies

CASINO ROYALE - I believe this is the first James Bond movie I’ve seen. It was fine? A lot of details were confusing until I realized this movie is older than iPhone. #movies

ADVENTURELAND - I think I’m too old for this one? But I appreciated the copious amusement park scenes! #movies

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT - The first movie knew it wasn’t really about driving cars; the sequels haven’t figured that out so far. Still, Chekhov would have loved the third act and John loved the last 90 seconds. #movies

2 FAST 2 FURIOUS - Haha oh no every part of this movie was terrible except Tyrese #movies

REBECCA - Came for the Sleep No More references; stayed for the weird quickly-delivered sass #movies

GAME NIGHT - Whoa this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Everybody is so fun and smart and good!! #movies

THE INFORMANT! - Thought this was going a particular direction a few different times and it curved me every time. I love how schlubby every detail of this movie is. #movies

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS - I was thrilled for the last 30 minutes but what a painful time capsule of the early 2000s! I probably would have thought everyone in this movie was so cool if I had seen it then. #movies

SOLO - Seems like they got lost on the way to a compelling story while trying to string together every single little canonical detail of Han’s character. I liked Donald Glover though! #movies

LA CONFIDENTIAL - Guy Pearce is so good. #movies

THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY - Such a delightful first half! Such a stressful remainder! This movie wouldn’t work at all today but I appreciate it as a crime capsule. #movies

My website is still powered by a PHP script but it’s now entirely static, TGIF 👌

Ahh! I can post to my microblog from the iOS app now! This is so cool.

Listening to The-Dream at a standing desk is a recipe for guaranteed hip sway

Congratulations to E•MO•TION for being awarded Only Album of the Year, two years running

Apparently Redbone is something I can juuuust barely pull off at karaoke

I wonder if they thought I was fixing to make some fidget spinners 😂

Just walked into a skate shop to buy bearings for an animation rig for the show; felt like such a poser!!

Spent the night and early morning in bed, in the dark, thinking about Halloween. About three hours of sleep though!

I adore this little haunted house treatment by Ian Kay: The Maze of the Zombie Couch Potato!

Every time I eat a Cubano I just wish to be in Miami

Just spent an hour scrolling through my entire Instagram history for some reason. I used to be much more (outwardly?) interesting!

I wrote a Ruby script that writes to the DMX stream which turns the lights and motors on and off! ALSA is trickier than I have patience for tonight so no programmed sound yet, but this was a VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY. I’ll write all this stuff up at some point 👌

The RasPi can now control the lights, motors, and speakers! I am thrilled! Now to write code to coordinate all those things 🤔

Adventures in theatre tech: Raspberry Pi operational! 6-channel audio interface playing music! Trying to remember how my old DMX interface works!

Another new disco-ass Calvin Harris song, this time featuring Khalid‽ What did we do to deserve all this

I decided, sort of on a whim, to quit smoking yesterday. Going alright so far?

Papier-mâché is satisfying and powerful but my apartment constantly smells like terrible bread

Oops I’m crying at lunch: My Father Spent 30 Years in Prison, And I Don’t Want Him to Text Me

Okay I’m doubling down on this: the new Calvin Harris songs are way more disco than any of his previous works! 2017 is the year!

The DJ at the McDonald’s on Broadway in the Financial District is EXTREMELY on point today

Hey bub, this is Hollywood! Scratch my back, I’ll scratch these geese!

Chance and Jeremih’s Christmas album is still really good and you can listen to it any time of year if you want to

I should just start introducing myself as a themed attraction creator? My idle party conversation gets so much more interesting!

By my very rough estimate, the demographic seems to be about…um…the opposite of the Mastodon demographic

Every personal web-art project I’ve ever pursued has just been an attempt to make something that feels like any of Radiohead’s late-90s/early-2000s sites. I think the closest I’ve gotten is my installation.

I have received exponentially more LinkedIn friend requests from coworkers at this job than any other I’ve ever had.

James Bruton makes really slick robotics and lately he’s been exploring VR. This physical-virtual-physical proof of concept with giant LEGO bricks and minifigs is so inspiring and whimsical!

Love this Rivers of Light review. I missed it when I was at Animal Kingdom a few months ago—for good reason, but still a shame. Just gotta go back soon, I guess!

Time to make to whole bunch of papier-mâché paste.

It’s working! Quill is also delightful!

I’m micropubbing a lot right now because I want to make sure this whole deal works :’)

It took me a while to figure out exactly what Micropub’s whole deal is but I’m a big fan.

Micropub is DELIGHTFUL.

I’m on now! Someday I’ll make my personal microblog compatible with OStatus and then I may finally rest

Oh no! Sorry microblog, I’ve been playing with Mastodon. I really want to POSSE this thing though and have been cooking up a plan.

I was trying to remember which TV show my dentist recommended; Googled “the main terrorist show” and yep it was Homeland, thanks Google

The SoHo UNIQLO has a big Beauty and the Beast graphic on their window and I almost broke my ankles switching course to get in there

Spent the weekend watching Westworld, building a character, and extending my manuscript. It was good. I’d like more weekend.

Hey, it’s more than a year since I wrote this essay about gags in dark rides. Now I’m gonna write about 40 more and call it a book!

In New York again. The lights turned off on the 4 for some reason while I was listening to the Splash Mountain soundtrack and I felt like I was back!

Oh gosh. The “I Created Disco” Calvin Harris is utterly distinct from the modern-day Calvin Harris in my mind which is why I was surprised to hear him writing…disco…and I regret the error!

Today is, I think, the first time I’ll spend a whole day solo at a Disney park. I am bracing myself for the impending academia!

I know I’ll be sick of the humidity within 24 hours but for now I’m so excited to be in Florida

We’ll remember 2017 as the year Calvin Harris started making disco music

I’m going to be at Universal Studios on Saturday; Fifth Harmony will also be there 😬

Lately I’ve been feeling unusually inspired and productive but also restless for not being more productive at the same damn time

It’s 8:30, have you listened to Yeah Yeah by Travis Scott and Young Thug yet today

Every time a clipboard person asks me for a donation to their org, my answer is roughly “I don’t give my CC info out on the street” but there’s never a contingency for this

Using Workflows, I was able to put an icon on my home screen that pops up a dialog and posts to my microblog, it’s rather lovely :’)

If you’re reading this then I tried a thing and it worked

solemnly every day is the fourteenth

It works! I’m now syndicating a rolling 24 hours of microblogs to Twitter with this

Huh. I’ve walked back on my “cross-posting is bad” stance a little.

I’m still surprised that The-Dream never covered “I Would Die 4 U.” (His whole career is basically a cover of “I Would Die 4 U”, but I mean explicitly. Also this isn’t a bad thing.)

These headphones are fantastic so far, I’m not used to earbuds not falling out of my ears but it’s a nice phenomenon

“I wonder how I can adjust my spending to increase my rate of savings” buys expensive headphones “it’s probably impossible”

I let my newest app dress me this morning and actually I look pretty good

Bought a one-day ticket to Governor’s Ball! My plan is to just stand directly in front of whatever stage Chance the Rapper will perform on for the entire day.

I started another project last night. The outfit-planning app I wanted to create for iOS many years ago has become something I’d actually use a lot so I’m putting it on the web.

Took a few minutes to investigate something a coworker casually asked about; suddenly it’s the afternoon and I have not had breakfast yet

It’s difficult to keep this microblog mundane when all I can think about is the unraveling US government. That said, I’ve grown fond of standing desks over the last few months.

Six pounds of hot glue arrived yesterday, a hundred sheets of posterboard arrived today. I feel professional!

My apartment is more of a mess six weeks into show two than it was six months into show one. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I’ve been really enjoying being a part of my company’s soccer team. I scored a goal tonight! It was the wrong goal but that’s not important I think!

Well, I’ve done it, I’ve poured probably a dozen hours into this silly PHP flat-file static CMS

I’m trying really hard to not pour a huge amount of work into tweaking this silly side project 🙃

I love late night talking-to-myself walks; just developed a new method for building Variable Stage figures like paper dolls to go from concept to sculpture so elegantly

This automaton by Keith Newstead is stunning. If I can get even a fraction of this liveliness next Halloween I’ll just retire early.

The popular usage of an indie microblog is to syndicate to Twitter (cf. POSSE) but remember when we syndicated Twitter and Facebook back and forth and how annoying that was? Maybe silos are cool.

I resisted La Croix for a long time, I guess because I thought it was cliche, but this weekend I drank like four cans of the coconut stuff so I guess the joke is on me

We’ll know Chance has really made it when he starts showing up in Karaoke songbooks. Features don’t count!