John Holdun


I’ve been writing software for a long time. I have a lot of opinions on how to effectively build websites and I would be well and truly thrilled to share them with you!


I’ve written an uncomprehensive guide to Building Frontends, mostly aimed at people who use React and want to be able to maintain their codebase over time.

Additionally: Just Write CSS


Check out my free book in progress, The Elements of APIs. It’s all about how to design predictable and pleasant REST APIs that your colleagues and clients will enjoy using.

And Throughout

A set of principles for writing less code and then going home: Toward Minimal Software

Coming back to work and making changes effectively: Writing More Software

Finally (for now), I explore forming cross-functional teams, managing projects, and eschewing specialization in Iterative Disciplines.

If you’re interested in hearing more of my opinions (or working with me), I encourage you to send me a nice email.