Three Friends

Again, this week’s photo is at the end of the post, because it’s sort of just a bunch of bodies lying on the ground. We now have all the major pieces built for all of the full-body skeletons in the show except two pairs of feet, and a couple small details (one set of vertebrae, two pairs of shoulder blades, a couple sternums, a to-be-determined collarbone situation). Each major bone has a PVC pipe inside it, and some early tests in connecting those bones with zip ties through drilled-out holes at each end have been great. At some point I have to decide which skeleton is which, attach heads to two of them (the third flies back and forth of course), and then fix up their joints so they’re all in the right poses. This should happen before the next update! Big thanks to Sarah, who helped out a bunch on the second two skeletons last weekend.

I ordered and received all the mounts earlier this week; I need to make another hardware store run because the mounts are for 1" pipe and everything I have right now is 1/2". The smaller stuff works great for armatures but I’m excited about the extra rigidity from the wider stuff for all our stands. Some recent experiments with mounting the skeletons and ghosts in such a way that they can swivel and swing within fixed constraints are looking good and have me very excited.

This week’s update is a couple days late, not because of our previously-discussed procrastination problems (I’m using the royal “our” here of course), but because I started my new job this week! It’s been really good so far; the first week was a whirlwind and I also happened to have after-work plans most days (I saw Pharrell perform‽) so I’ve just been very busy. I think next week will be less exciting, in a good way. We’re slipping behind schedule again! But everything is fine!

Here are those skeletons! See you next week!

Three mostly-complete skeletons, laid out on the floor