The Middle 20%

No photos this week because, visually, not much has changed. All the skeleton limbs are pasted (thanks to Jenny for help this week!) and I’ll mud them tonight. Another rib cage is ready for mud and I’m going to try Great Stuff—basically foam in a spray can—on the third one (shoutout to Sarah for that idea; I think it will help a lot). Some of the ghost pieces that have been kinda built for a while are getting closer to really built. It’s moving along.

I’m thinking about pithy sayings about planning a project: gems like “20% of efforts lead to 80% of results” and “the last 10% of a project takes 90% of the time.” There were weeks of really rapid development as I got rough pieces into place—that’s very satisfying because lots of stuff comes together really quickly. Soon enough, there will be a long period of really slow development, where I’m focused on details and refinement—that will be very satisfying because lots of stuff will be really-really finished and I can start crossing things off. Right now I’m just pushing along, deep in the repetition of building. It’s satisfying, because progress of any kind feels good, but it’s a comparable slog.

No matter! Onward!