Spooky Week, Day Five: Not Much To It

Here’s the more-or-less finished ribcage I described yesterday, and a pile of bones all covered in mud:

The first skeleton's ribcage, now roughly complete

This is all I have to share for you in terms of physical output today, and it was technically done yesterday. Today was the busiest day of my week with regards to social obligations (I’m not complaining) which meant less time for the show. But, as you no-doubt saw earlier, we launched! Tickets are now on sale! I’ll continue to tweak and add to the marketing as time goes on, but this was huge. I also went for a very long run tonight, which was nice after a very long week of sitting still and concentrating on small, delicate things.

This update marks the end of Spooky Week. There’s still lots to do, but I worry all you lovely people will quickly run out of patience if I keep sending daily updates, and such hefty daily updates will be harder to come by when I start my new day job anyway. I will, of course, work through the long weekend, and I now have a bunch of people who have offered to help me out. I have to organize all the people! That’s a great problem and I’m glad to have it!

See you again on Wednesday for our regularly scheduled updates. You’re always welcome to email me with any thoughts you might have—I love all your thoughts—but for now, it’s 3am. Stay spooky!