Spooky Week, Day Four: Let The Body Touch The Floor

As suspected, there are now enough parts of one skeleton that, laid out on the ground, it looks like…a skeleton. I’m putting the photo at the end of this post because it’s actually kind of unsettling. Go check it out and then come back!

I made some more progress tonight after this photo, but wanted to get all the parts laid out while they were dry. The legs are now mudded and there’s more detail on the torso—I just need to add a pelvis and then I’m considering torso #1 done, structure-wise. The foot armatures are in a decent place now but I still need to make fingers and toes, and I haven’t touched the skull yet. I’m a little afraid, because that will make or break this whole thing. Nevertheless, tomorrow is the day.

I’m a little behind where I hoped to be by now, but tickets still go on sale tomorrow. I emailed the theater today for confirmation that the times I’m planning are okay; I’m pretty sure they are but I should have gotten this figured out much sooner. It’s probably okay.

Tomorrow I have some non-Halloween stuff to do throughout the day, so I’ll probably just squeeze in website work where I can. Late tomorrow into Saturday I’ll finish skeleton #1 and torso #2 and wrap up Spooky Week (though, of course, I’ll keep working through the weekend as well).

That’s all for now; it’s 2:30am. Here’s most of a skeleton!

Most of one of the skeletons, laid out on the floor