John Holdun

Spooky Week, Day Three: I Got Two Bones

Here’s a close-up of today’s progress:

Various skeleton parts, drying after being whatepasted

Two ribcages are all bulked out and ready for a coat of mud once they dry. I discovered that it’s so much easier to do this step before adding the sternum armature. Lessons learned.

I also have a good base for two sets of arms: the humeruseseses are front and center here, while the ulna/radius combos are kind of hanging off of one of those necks. They need some epiphysiseses (the knobby bits at the ends of a long bone) but are otherwise doing great. I’ve also pasted the carpals on one set of hands but have yet to work out the metacarpals and phalanges (THE FINGERS).

There’s also one of those skull forms in this photo! The other five are hanging off an improvised drying rack just out of shot. I failed to dry these properly yesterday so they all needed some TLC, but tomorrow they should be doing great, and I can begin adding features and a jaw to at least one of them.

I have just enough spare pipe at this point to make one set of legs, so I think the plan from now until tickets go on sale Friday is to get just one skeleton as far along as I can, so I can add a photo of it to the website. As I complete more, I’ll add more media, but not too much, because I want some things to be surprises—although I’ve shared lots about the ghosts here and on my various social media, I think they’re not going to appear in the official marketing materials at all.

We’re not doing too bad on the Spooky Week schedule! Here’s tomorrow’s plan:

If I can stay on task tomorrow, I should have a VERY disconcerting display lying on the floor of my apartment before the next update. You’ve been warned 💀

I should have thought ahead and ordered some motors at the beginning of the week, so they would arrive before Labor Day Weekend. No harm—there’s plenty I can do before they get here—but I’ll place that order tomorrow regardless. I also need some specialty parts from Spider Hill Prop Works, who are an expert source for building Halloween prop armatures out of PVC pipe.

It’s 1am. Catch ya later!