John Holdun


I struggled to write about a haunted house this week with everything that’s been going on (again, some more, still) outside of my little bubble. Please take care of your loved ones and help keep your community safe. Black lives matter.

Last week I asked what you thought of a single-week run concluding on Halloween; thanks for all your feedback! I think I’ve decided that a single week is actually a good idea for this show. Whatever I get wrong on this attempt would be magnified over a month-long engagement, and having the first three quarters of October to polish the show makes it more likely that I’ll be able to come back in December with something new.

This week I went to visit the theater I mentioned in the previous update; their staff has been fantastic to me so far, and the space looks perfect. I’m still sketching on their floor plan to ensure that everything will fit, but it looks like I’m about to put down a deposit. We have a venue.

This update also marks the least change, week over week, to the design of the show in a very long time, which is a great sign. I’ve landed on the right concept and am just digging in. I did end up combining two scenes, for a new total of three. The before-and-after paintings from last week will now be presented as a single scene with careful lighting effects, to drive home the idea that the whole show represents one physical space through a long period of time.

The tangible model has lain dormant for some time, now, while I focus on 3D renders. It seems like a better use of my time to be creating digital mockups, which are easier to measure and tweak as time goes on. I hope to be in a place where I am ready to buy lumber next weekend and start building prototypes for the full-size sets. My goal was always to have a space booked + the majority of the props complete by the end of July, so we’re doing well on time.

Finally, another step toward legitimacy: I filed for an LLC this week! This will be great in September when we start selling tickets, and in the Spring when I’m trying to figure out my taxes. (I used LegalZoom for this and so far I recommend the service. The fee for their convenience and expertise is quite reasonable compared to the fee just to file with the state.)

That’s all for now; I’m pleased with how this is progressing. See you next week.