Posing Animals

This week was all about poses. Here’s a lemur and a Bobby looking a little less stiff:

Posed armatures of a crouching lemur and a waving Bobby, wrapped in brown paper

The lemur was built up and wrapped in paper before posing it, while this Bobby figure was posed as soon as all its individual pieces were built. The latter technique is much easier! I had to take a hacksaw to the lemur’s limbs which was tricky and also not a phrase I ever want to use again. Also, I have only been timing my progress on the Bobby figure so far but that’s about 3 1/2 hours of work right there. Not bad. I expect that pace to improve, and I don’t think it will change much for larger figures (this one’s about 18 inches tall).

After spending time in Orlando and writing last week’s update (and all your lovely responses to it!), I have started compiling notes on a book about dark rides. I think I have enough original things to say that haven’t been formally compiled yet, and I’d like to encourage others to attempt to build these things I love. More on this as it develops; let me know if you have feelings about it!

This upcoming week is all about getting a sculpture to move. I’ll pose the bakery Percy and rig it for animation, build a cake, and bring it all to life. Wish me luck!