Planning for Halloween Again

Thanks to everyone that came out to see Bobby’s Birthday! It was a huge success.

Just kidding! I postponed that event again, this time until the Spring. Even if I finished it in time for a mid-August premiere, that would leave me with not nearly enough time for the new edition of Graveyard Swing. So we’re getting to work on that…right now.

It’s going to have the same title, but maybe without the subtitle, because that was a little much. It’s the same story—we’re the first people to see inside a long-forgotten cemetery in the East Village in generations—but we’re pretty much rebuilding it from scratch. We learned so much doing it the first time and now I’m excited to build something closer to what the first one looked like in my head. Here’s some concept art!

The Lobby/Queue/Front of House
The attraction begins by passing through the gate into a dim alley.
At the end of the alley, guests find themselves in the Granite Cemetery!
New York’s hottest jazz club is in the tombs beneath the cemetery.

These drawings are much more elaborate than anything we accomplished last year, but I think we can really do something just like this. These are based on a floor plan I put together based on a real theater that I hope is available. I have to call them soon.

Floor plan
40 feet by 23 feet

One thing that’s not in those sketches are the skeleton gags. There’s one shy character in there, but there will be more that I could not bear to try to draw in perspective. I have the same general goals for their activities that I did last year; this year, now that I’ve some modest animation success, I’m going to build real scale models of the props and make sure all of my ideas are realistic. That starts…now. Let’s get spooky!