Percy’s Twin

This was a full and stressful week for me outside of Bobby’s Birthday, but I still managed to push forward a little.

Another Percy, from the waist up, less complete

I started on the second Percy—this one is in the first scene, seated at a table, eating breakfast. It’s the same size as the one we already have, but a bit more carefully designed, and it came together faster. A full wire armature helps a lot, especially when positioning the segments of the arms in series.

Wire armatures for twelve hands and feet

These are the start of all the hands and feet for the three lemurs. Since I took this photo, I cut the cardboard around all the wire armatures (which used of the remainder of my dry cleaning hanger stash). Next I’ll glue thick crumpled paper to both sides of each piece to give them a little more depth and surface area for the papier mache, then attach them to the lemurs and pose the digits.

I also fiddled with the content of my website this week, in an effort to better explain the stuff I do. Give it a gander.

More soon. Next week will be better than this week.