Band Rehearsal

It’s September now! Did we hit our milestone, wherein we get the tomb scene standing up in my apartment before the end of August?


A distant photo of the band, all set up like they will be in the show

Here’s what currently exists of the band, in a space that’s almost the size of the real thing. It’s 10 feet long (front to back, from the perspective of this photo) and about seven feet wide. If I move my sofa (obscured behind the left wall), I could get the full size. I’ll do that soon, when this scene is higher fidelity and we really need a realistic footprint.

You’re seeing last year’s bass with the new basisst and the drum kit and drummer from 2016 as well. The drums need touching up but will stay; the drummer’s hands and forearms will be almost unchanged, but that body is very flat. I want to see how much room I’ll actually have in that corner to make something with more real perspective and less forced perspective.

In the foreground, with their backs to us, are the trumpeter and saxophonist. You’ve seen them before, but they’re updated now. They’ve adopted their ancestor’s hands (and for the trumpeter, the old one’s limbs and feet as well) and they both have detailed faces. You’ll get a better view of them soon. (Ignore the canister of zip ties in the bottom-right of the frame, if you please.)

The biggest omissions right now are the arches. There will be four: one that you pass through to enter this space (i.e. where the camera is), one directly in front of you to continue on once you’ve heard some music, and two false portals to the right and left, between the band members. These will be life-sized and made of faux stone, resembling something you might find in a wine cellar or a 19th century tomb. The room will be much darker than it is here, such that the walls hopefully disappear; the floor will be covered in more black materal, except for a 3’ walkway in the center, and the ghosts will, of course, move. That’s all coming soon.

It’s September now, which means it’s time to get back to the graveyard and build hella skeletons, but I think I’m going to take this long weekend to keep working on the tomb. I’ve already moved absolutely everything in my apartment to set this up, so let’s make it count, shall we?