Animals on the Patio

Most of what we've seen so far, now covered in white paint and hanging out on the patio

Just about everything that I’ve built so far is now covered in one coat of paint! It was supposed to be monster mud, which, as you may recall from back in August, is one part latex paint to five parts joint compound. I accidentally mixed a big batch and reversed the proportions, so what you see here is pretty much just latex paint that’s a little goopy. Should be fine. There’s still more to do.

Four papier-mâché domes covered in plastic, sitting together on a table

The tube experiment from last week was a great success! I made three more tubes, for a total of four: two with a 4” diameter and two with a 2” diameter. I also made four domes, with 12” and 8” diameters. I covered everything with plastic and slathered them, once again, with a thick coat of papier mache. Those coats dried and now I have solid chunks that I can combine into new shapes. And because those forms are so solid, it’s fast. Covering all four domes took about 20 minutes. I could be just lousy with papier-mâché half-spheres after a week.

By the end of this weekend, every character from scenes one through three will be built and covered in mud. Some of the characters from the final two scenes will be that far as well. Tomorrow I’ll order all the tech stuff—lights, speakers, motors, a Raspberry Pi—and that will arrive next week while we’re working on some production-ready animation rigs. It’s good. I feel good.