Bobby’s Birthday Script and Sketches, Draft 1

Bobby and Percy in their home: Bobby standing in the doorway, Percy eating a bowl of cereal.

And now, dear friends, I’m pleased to introduce these two: please tip your hat
To Percy—that’s the puppy dog—and Bobby—yes, the kitty cat.
They’re roommates in this little town, population fifty-eight.
Percy is a journalist and Bobby’s soon to graduate.

We meet them on this special morning, Bobby leaving, Percy eating,
Just before the pup’s whole day’s decided by this very greeting:
“Goodbye! My study group is waiting for me so I’ve gotta run!
Okay, I’ll see you later and I hope that we will have some fun!“

Percy sat and ate and thought as Bobby scurried out of sight.
“I wonder what they meant by that? What could be going on tonight?
Is it a holiday? Is someone visiting from distant lands?
Oh wait! It’s Bobby’s birthday! And I have exactly zero plans!

I can’t believe that I forgot completely; now what can be done?
It’s early still; perhaps it’s not too late to have a bit of fun!”
He put his bowl into the sink and jumped with fire in his eyes.
“Okay! It’s time to hit the town and plan a Bobby-themed surprise!”

Percy accepting a huge, three-layer from a baker standing behind a counter at a bakery. In the background, a sloth and bear watch, stunned.

Percy’s first stop was the bake shop for a special birthday cake.
He caught his breath and looked around, not knowing what this day would take.
The shelves were piled high with every sort of snack you could imagine:
Pastries, candy, brownies, cookies, pies and cakes of every fashion!

The baker looked at Percy, smiling, “May I help you find some sweets?”
“Bobby’s birthday is today, I need to find some birthday treats!”
Something chocolate, maybe ice cream? Really, anything will do.”
The baker thought a moment, then: “Let’s see what I have for you!

A birthday needs a birthday cake, and we make nothing but the best!
These might be good but none of them is big enough…unless…“ ”Unless?”
“A triple-decker double fudge, this is the finest cake we’ve got!”
“It’s heavier than I would have guessed, but this one’s perfect: thanks a lot!”

Percy heaved the cake out, yelling back as he dashed out of sight:
“It’s Bobby’s birthday; don’t forget to come and celebrate tonight!”
A bear and sloth were in the store, amazed at what just happened there.
“We…should…go…to…Bobby’s…house!” “We don’t know Bobby,” said the bear.

Percy, with the cake, asking a raccoon for his bundle of balloons in the park. In the background, a rabbit doing deep knee bends, talking to a frog and duck that are bathing in a fountain.

Now that Percy’s found a cake, he needs to get some decorations.
Surprises need confetti or they hardly count as celebrations!
Running through the park he thought of streamers, hats, and horns, and such;
A sweet raccoon had three balloons and they might add an airy touch!

“Hello! I hope you wouldn’t mind if I could be so bold to ask,
I’m caught in something of a bind, an urgent happy birthday task.
I mean—I’m sorry—those balloons—can I have them, extra pretty pleasy?
The raccoon just shrugged to say, “Okay!” And hey, sometimes it’s just that easy.

Now that he was on his way to filling up on decorations,
Percy sped across the park to spread around some invitations.
“I’m off to tell all Bobby’s friends about tonight’s festivities
And you’re invited too—we’ll need some help to get all set, it seems!“

Nearby, a frog and duck were bathing, wondering what had just occurred.
“That dog has an enormous cake!” A running rabbit answered her:
“Today is Bobby’s birthday, friends, and Percy’s planned a big event.
I’ve followed the entire day! I’ve tracked him everywhere he went.“

A long table at the library. Every seat is occupied by a different animal reading a book, and one of them is Bobby. Along the left side, Percy is creeping along, cake and balloons in hand, whispering over the shoulder of all the different animals. On the right, another animal is clearly bugging someone else.

And now for Percy’s greatest trick—the one he’s thought about all day
Inviting all of Bobby’s friends to celebrate their special day
If he can scamper in and get this last part of the plan just right
Then everyone would have the details just in time to come tonight

Now as you might have you guessed, this secret mission needed extra care
Since Bobby was nearby and couldn’t know that he was plotting there.
It’s easy to assume that Percy’s bound to fail, but lest you judge:
It’s hard to be discreet with three balloons and triple double fudge.

The puppy padded quietly along, and up and down the stacks
He shared the party details with the future guests, each one by one:
“We’ll meet at home ASAP and get in place to shout ’surprise!’
I’m headed there to get set up; I hope to see you all there soon!“

Down the hall, a squirrel saw the scene as Percy tip-toed by.
She poked her neighbor quietly and whispered, “Hey, who was that guy?
Come on, you know that dog, right? I love cake! Can you throw me a bone?”
Her neighbor sighed. “I have a big exam soon, please leave me alone?”

To be continued! Follow along!