I was trying to remember which TV show my dentist recommended; Googled "the main terrorist show" and yep it was Homeland, thanks Google

The SoHo UNIQLO has a big Beauty and the Beast graphic on their window and I almost broke my ankles switching course to get in there

Spent the weekend watching Westworld, building a character, and extending my manuscript. It was good. I'd like more weekend.

Hey, it’s more than a year since I wrote this essay about gags in dark rides. Now I'm gonna write about 40 more and call it a book!

In New York again. The lights turned off on the 4 for some reason while I was listening to the Splash Mountain soundtrack and I felt like I was back!

Oh gosh. The "I Created Disco" Calvin Harris is utterly distinct from the modern-day Calvin Harris in my mind which is why I was surprised to hear him writing…disco…and I regret the error!

Today is, I think, the first time I'll spend a whole day solo at a Disney park. I am bracing myself for the impending academia!

I know I'll be sick of the humidity within 24 hours but for now I'm so excited to be in Florida

We'll remember 2017 as the year Calvin Harris started making disco music

I'm going to be at Universal Studios on Saturday; Fifth Harmony will also be there 😬

Lately I've been feeling unusually inspired and productive but also restless for not being more productive at the same damn time

It's 8:30, have you listened to Yeah Yeah by Travis Scott and Young Thug yet today

Every time a clipboard person asks me for a donation to their org, my answer is roughly "I don't give my CC info out on the street" but there's never a contingency for this

Using Workflows, I was able to put an icon on my home screen that pops up a dialog and posts to my microblog, it's rather lovely :')

If you're reading this then I tried a thing and it worked

solemnly every day is the fourteenth

It works! I'm now syndicating a rolling 24 hours of microblogs to Twitter with this

Huh. I’ve walked back on my “cross-posting is bad” stance a little.

I’m still surprised that The-Dream never covered “I Would Die 4 U.” (His whole career is basically a cover of “I Would Die 4 U”, but I mean explicitly. Also this isn’t a bad thing.)

These headphones are fantastic so far, I'm not used to earbuds not falling out of my ears but it's a nice phenomenon

"I wonder how I can adjust my spending to increase my rate of savings" buys expensive headphones "it's probably impossible"

I let my newest app dress me this morning and actually I look pretty good

Bought a one-day ticket to Governor's Ball! My plan is to just stand directly in front of whatever stage Chance the Rapper will perform on for the entire day.

I started another project last night. The outfit-planning app I wanted to create for iOS many years ago has become something I'd actually use a lot so I'm putting it on the web.

Took a few minutes to investigate something a coworker casually asked about; suddenly it's the afternoon and I have not had breakfast yet

It's difficult to keep this microblog mundane when all I can think about is the unraveling US government. That said, I've grown fond of standing desks over the last few months.

Six pounds of hot glue arrived yesterday, a hundred sheets of posterboard arrived today. I feel professional!

My apartment is more of a mess six weeks into show two than it was six months into show one. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I've been really enjoying being a part of my company's soccer team. I scored a goal tonight! It was the wrong goal but that's not important I think!

Well, I've done it, I've poured probably a dozen hours into this silly PHP flat-file static CMS

I'm trying really hard to not pour a huge amount of work into tweaking this silly side project 🙃

I love late night talking-to-myself walks; just developed a new method for building Variable Stage figures like paper dolls to go from concept to sculpture so elegantly

This automaton by Keith Newstead is stunning. If I can get even a fraction of this liveliness next Halloween I'll just retire early.

The popular usage of an indie microblog is to syndicate to Twitter (cf. POSSE) but remember when we syndicated Twitter and Facebook back and forth and how annoying that was? Maybe silos are cool.

I resisted La Croix for a long time, I guess because I thought it was cliche, but this weekend I drank like four cans of the coconut stuff so I guess the joke is on me

We'll know Chance has really made it when he starts showing up in Karaoke songbooks. Features don't count!